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Climate Emergency Declared: “Great – but we’ll be watching” say Greens

South Gloucestershire Council tonight joined the growing number of councils across the UK and beyond in declaring a “Climate Emergency”.  

The movement that was kicked off by Green councillors in Bristol last year, commits the council to significantly update its carbon reduction targets. These will now be in line with the findings of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report that we have 12 years left to avert breakdown of our climate, with South Glos council unanimously resolving to bring forward its current targets and become carbon neutral by 2030.  

The Green Party in South Glos responded with cautious optimism. Spokesperson Joe Evans said, “It’s great that the council is finally recognising the consensus that we are in a state of climate emergency. We’ve been pressing this issue with councillors for a long time, and it feels like the tide is now turning.”  

The cross-party motion, proposed by the Conservative, Labour and Liberal Democrat groups, also commits the council to signing the UK100 Pledge to make the shift to 100% ‘clean energy’ by 2050. Scope 3 emissions generated indirectly from council activities such as purchased goods and services, Business travel and employee commuting and waste disposal, are not included in the motion. 

 Mr. Evans added, “It’s a shame the council didn’t take the opportunity to include indirect emissions in their commitment to tackling the climate crisis, but we stand ready to work with councillors to get down to the job of radically changing the way we do things across South Glos. We all know we have a council with a mixed record on delivery – saying the right thing and doing the right thing are very different, and our message to them is that we will be there every step of the way.” 


Councils declaring Climate Emergency:  

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