4 July 2019

South Gloucestershire Council have announced plans for significant changes to traffic movements on the A4174. The plans include: 

  • removing the westbound bus lane through the junction to the M32 traffic signals 
  • removing the right turn onto the B4058 from westbound of the A4174 ring road 
  • removing the ability to go straight on or right for the B4058 northbound from Frenchay 

South Glos Green Party have hit out at the plans, which they say have been “pulled out of thin air” by the council following a new government directive that requires the council to reduce the dangerously high nitrogen dioxide levels to within legal limits. 

Green spokesperson Joe Evans said, “It’s shocking - the Conservative council seem to have been really caught unawares here, rushing out a quick fix to avoid a legal challenge without thinking of letting the public or even bus service providers know it was on the cards.” 

“We fully support action on air pollution, but everyone knows if you’re serious about tackling the issue, you need to get people out of their cars and onto public transport or active travel. The council desperately needs a joined-up, comprehensive and long-term strategy that significantly improves our green infrastructure and public transport. Tinkering around with road plans without consulting with the public or the bus services is short-termism at best.” 

There are also concerns around the removal of the bus lane and impacts on the 19/19A and Y4. Joe added, “If the supposed benefits are not realised, then we will have driven more people away from the very public transport we need to be getting them on. 

Current council plans are for the measures to be brought into place on Sunday 11th August for 18 months. There will be a public consultation period of 6 months following the implementation.  


The full plans can be found here: https://www.southglos.gov.uk/transport-and-streets/streets/roads-road-works/major-roadworks/hambrook-air-quality-action/   

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