6 May 2019


The party took 20% in Hanham and 2% of the total votes cast in South Glos, despite contesting only 4 areas. Similar positive results were seen across the country, with Green councillors breaking through in 50 new councils and a record gain of 194 councillors.

Commenting on the success, local party co-chair Jenny Vernon said, "Although we weren't able to break through into South Glos this time round, we are proud that so many people put their faith in our positive and radical plan for Hanham and the wider South Glos region. It's truly amazing to think that if we'd contested every seat available and had a similar vote distribution we could have picked up 15-20% of the vote."  

Greens fielded candidates in Hanham, Filton, Bitton and Oldland and Pilning and Severn Beach, with some members of the public expressing their disappointment at not being able to vote for them in their ward this time round. However all voters will get the chance to vote Green on 23rd May with the upcoming European Elections and the Green list including current MEP Molly Scott Cato being on the ballot.

Unlike other elections in the UK, the European Election uses a more proportional system where % of votes more closely matches % of candidates elected. The results of the local election on 2nd May for example saw the Conservatives take 42% of the vote across South Glos, yet return more than half of councillors (33/61). If South Glos used a proportional system of voting, the 2% share Greens had would have meant our first Green Councillor at the table.

Buoyed by the results, the party is planning ahead for the next few years including approaching councillors with a Climate Emergency motion and pushing ahead with progress on the other pledges made for the local elections. 



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