20 April 2019


With the local elections approaching on 2nd May, South Gloucestershire Green Party is standing more candidates than ever before. They will each be standing with bold plans for their wards and have agreed a set of 5 key pledges to bring to Council for residents in South Glos.


1)    Represent Freely

To never “whip” our councillors – there is no “party voting line” that councillors are made to adhere to, freeing Green Party councillors to truly represent their neighbours and constituents in the chamber

2)    Stand Against Cuts

To vote against any budget that would see reduced money to essential services such as our schools and social care, and reduced staff hours in public spaces like libraries

3)    Act on Climate Change

To follow the lead of councils across the country in declaring a Climate Emergency and setting out a new plan for a Carbon Neutral South Glos that supports sustainable development and protects our Green Belt

4)    Revitalise Transport

To lobby WECA for a system of bus service franchising, invest more into walking and cycling infrastructure and end the relentless cycle of roadworks

5)    Build Community

To set up a loneliness referral service, support our independents on the high street and increase engagement in council decisions through scrapping the cabinet and restoring the committee system


The candidates standing are:

Hanham - Joe Evans, Jenny Vernon and Jack Cox

Filton - Diana Warner and Murali Throppil

Pilning and Severn Beach - Tom Meadowcroft

Oldland - Matt Furey-King


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