2 December 2018

South Gloucestershire Green Party today announced it's first three local election 2019 candidates. Standing for Hanham in the Local Elections next May, Joe Evans, Jenny Vernon and Jack Cox agreed that they are fed up of the continuing failure of the main three parties to tackle the issues facing the area. 

Joe said, “I took the decision to stand in this election because I want to be a rejuvenating force in a featureless flock of councillors stuck in the past. 'I want to be there fighting to ensure the views, needs and wants of my neighbours are heard and acted on, unlike the current composition of councillors who toe party lines and get nothing done for Hanham. I want to be there to prevent more millionaire making companies building incompatible and unaffordable homes on our threatened green belt.”

The candidates are running on 5 key pledges for Hanham that they’d like to bring to the Council Chamber if elected:

  • A campaign for a bus route from Hanham to Kingswood
  • The council to develop a loneliness referral service
  • Support for staffing the library
  • Protecting local green spaces from development
  • Promoting the independence of the high street

Jenny Vernon said, “I have worked in community engagement and empowerment for the past 35 years.  Community engagement and empowerment is my passion and I have seen first-hand how with political support, local people can influence and change things for the better.  I would love to see this for Hanham.”

Joe, Jenny and Jack are urging residents to register to vote in time for the local election, which will be held on Thursday 2nd May 2019. All council seats will be up for election, and further Green candidates will be announced as the selcection process continues, with South Glos Greens expecting to stand in more seats than ever before. You can find voting information including a link to register to vote on the council website http://www.southglos.gov.uk/council-and-democracy/councillors-democracy-and-elections/elections-voting/  



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