9 September 2018

South Gloucestershire Greens are urging residents in Hanham to respond to a consultation on road safety proposals for 20mph limits in some areas. Greens are throwing support behind the proposals as a positive step for Hanham, where residents in recent surveys highlighted concerns about road safety in the area.

Local campaigner Joseph Evans said, “This is a great chance for us to start reclaiming our streets and roads. Cars driving just a little bit slower creates a better environment for pedestrians and cyclists including children walking to school and the elderly.”

A recent report published by UWE concluded that 20mph limits introduced by Bristol City Council have cut both serious and less serious accidents, saving lives and money. It also proves more fuel efficient for drivers as they accelerate and decelerate less, reducing impact from air pollution too.

Joseph added, “Crossing Lower Hanham Road can feel like a life or death scenario sometimes and we know local residents will welcome these proposed changes. The research by UWE interestingly demonstrated almost no difference in journey times over longer distance as drivers in 30mph zones spend time accelerating, braking, and idling in queues and almost never driving at a steady 30mph.”

Responses are being collected by South Glos Council till the 12th September and can be submitted online here: https://consultations.southglos.gov.uk/consult.ti/HanTC20mph/consultationHome 




  1.  UWE Bristol 20mph Report: http://eprints.uwe.ac.uk/34851/

Press Contact:

 Tom Hathway – press@southglos.greenparty.org.uk  07398 714795