What Green Councillors can do for you

Right across the country, Green Councillors are changing the way we do local politics and making real differences to the lives of ordinary people. In 2019, help us shake up South Gloucestershire's tired old duopoly - Greens don't need a majority to pack a real punch in politics.  

A snapshot of Green successes stories from across the nation:

Banning chemical herbicides

Glastonbury Town Council – where Greens hold thought to be the first in the UK to implement a ban on chemical herbicides in its publicly-owned spaces. It has introduced Foamstream, an eco-friendly thermal weed-control system, as a replacement. Brighton and Hove Greens also secured an agreement with the Labour administration to end the use of glyphosate, a weedkiller thought to cause cancer. 

Saving green spaces

In the town of Frome in Somerset, Mendip District Council Green councillors led by Shane Collins persuaded the administration to change its mind over selling green space next to a school to developers. Instead, the council is leasing it back to the community as a space where kids can play and parents meet after school. 

In Birkenhead, a Green Party campaign (pictured) supported by Councillor Pat Cleary successfully defeated new road building plans in historic Hamilton Square. 

Protecting the poorest

In November 2016, Lambeth Council finally bowed to pressure from the Green Party to stop the inhumane and wasteful practice of sending bailiffs to the poorest households in the borough who had fallen into arrears on council tax payments. As a result, collection rates increased from 80 per cent to 93 per cent, and court and bailiff costs have been saved. Lambeth’s lone Green councillor Scott Ainslie first raised the issue with the council in January 2015. 

Promoting democratic reform

Worcester’s two Green councillors, Louis Stephen and Neil Laurenson, teamed up with Conservative colleagues in November 2016 to scrap the cabinet system and bring in a more democratic committee system. 

Increasing local food production

In Stroud, Green councillors in 2016 steered the creation of a £100,000 investment fund to increase local food production. The fund will help 18 small businesses and organisations increase local food production, creating 45 jobs and safeguarding a further 600. It will also bring six acres of land into food production.  


And so much more! All this without the funding from big business or trade unions - just hard work and support from a public happy to do things differently.