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When will South Glos Conservatives say what we’re all thinking? Boris Johnson must go.

The Prime Minister has lost all credibility. Rocked by scandal after scandal, it’s hard to believe he’s still in office.

While many of us across South Glos were obeying the rules and keeping each other safe during the height of the pandemic, Boris Johnson and the Conservative government were partying in Downing Street. Students across the region gave up their access to education for months. Doctors and nurses put their lives on the line in our hospitals. Families missed birthdays, weddings and funerals.

Now it seems like every day there is a new revelation about Conservative chaos and corruption – with news breaking just this week that government whips are allegedly bullying and blackmailing Tory rebels to buy their silence.

As we continue to navigate the stormy seas of COVID-19, we need a Prime Minister who can make the tough decisions to protect the NHS. We need a government the public can trust, especially when more public health measures may still be needed in the near future.

When will South Gloucestershire’s three Conservative MPs get off the fence and say enough is enough? For the good of our region, and for the good of the whole country, Boris Johnson must resign.

It’s time for Chris Skidmore, Luke Hall and Jack Lopresti to do what’s right. Speak out against Boris Johnson and restore public confidence.

Dan Johnston,
South Glos Greens

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